Outbound Marketing Solutions

Simplify customer acquisition with outbound marketing & IVR systems that work!

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Opt-a-Track IVR System

The Opt-A-Track Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system brings the best of IVR solutions without complicated setup or over-the-top dashboards. Automate phone answering and call routing with a simple and intuitive IVR platform.

micVoice Response

Answer callers’ frequently asked questions, qualify prospects, and route calls to the appropriate party—all without lifting a finger.

Simple & Intuitive

The Opt-a-Track IVR system is simple, intuitive, and takes just minutes to set up.

Get through to customers with SMS Drip

DigiApps SMS is just a piece of an extensive network of interconnected apps, with a CRM that's always up-to-date. SMS is about communication, and all your apps should do the same.

Manage Responses

Control who, when, and how you respond; manage times, customer responses and everything in between.

Number Validation

Make sure your numbers are real and valid. Instantly access essential information on your numbers such as carrier and region.

Why use DigiApps

DigiApps provides easy, effecive tools to reach new customers or interact with existing customers.


Use SMS Drip or any of our other robuts products to reach prospects at the click of a button.


Simplify the customer interaction process with an easy-to-use automated IVR phone system.

Automated Caller ID Management System

Optimize your campaign performance by pooling multiple caller IDs that are automatically removed when their reputation is tarnished and replenished by clean numbers with identical configurations in real time.

Revolutionary Caller ID Protection

RepCheck service provides a plethora of valuable information that is crucial when identifying if a Caller ID has been negatively labelled by downstream providers that can damage campaign performance.

In-depth Reports

Get in-depth analytics that include spam reports, report volume, as well as sing your 4 digit originatin company number, used by NECA and other telecom resources such as LERG.

Who uses the DigiApps solutions?

The DigiApps solutions are an effective marketing solution for companies of all industries. Here are just a few of the most popular ways companies use our services.

Real Estate & Mortgage

Reach homeowners and borrowers with effective and affordable solutions while staying compliant.

Car Dealerships

Reach thousands of prospective car buyers at the click of a button with simple, affordable marketing solutions.

Energy Industry

Communicate your products, promotions, and subsidies to thousands of prospects at an affordable cost.

Debt Collectors

Increase successful debt collection while streamlining and simplifying communications with debtors.

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