Simple & Intuitive Interactive Voice Management System

Interactive Voice Response system without the complicated setup or intrusive dashboard.

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How does Opt-A-Track IVR work?

In the Opt-A-Track IVR system, DigiApps has taken the best qualities of interactive voice response and put them into a simple and intuitive online dashboard. See at a glance how your IVR is performing, track calls and IVR actions, as well as exporting data.

The Opt-A-Track IVR Difference

DigiApps has taken the best qualities of interactive voice response and put them into a simple and intuitive technology. The dashboard is clean and easy to use, and setup is simple and takes only minutes.

micNo Capacity Limits

Receive unlimited concurrent calls on the track numbers provided.

Custom Greetings

Easy-to-use dashboard to quickly upload lists and record your message.

micMulti-Layered Options

Easily qualify or route inbound callers using our multi-layered options.

SMS Opt-In

Opt-in and receive additional information through our Opt-A-Track auto attendant.

Why Opt-A-Track IVR?

Interactive Voice Response is the new standard for business phone systems. With simplified customer experience, decreased operator error, and robust data collection, IVR has transformed the professional call management space.

Save time & money

IVR systems can provide answers to frequently asked questions and can route calls without the need for a human operator. This saves staffing costs and labor for an organization.

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Simplifies customer experience

When a client calls, they want information as quickly as possible. Interactive voice response systems eliminate wait times by responding to callers immediately.

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Manages large call volumes

Your clients will never experience a busy signal again. IVRs can handle unlimited calls.

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Less human error

With an automated system, there is a streamlined process for answering common questions and for transferring calls. This eliminates the possibility of a call drop based on an incorrect transfer.

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24/7 functional service

Since IVR systems don’t require human staffing to manage, the system can automatically take calls all day every day.

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Easy to use, get started in just a few minutes!