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A credit report for your phone number!

In this age of information with burner phones/numbers and rampant scams or fraud every phone number has a very real reputation. Every phone number is associated with an end carrier, switch, local routing number, OCN/Lata, and has inherent information foundational to its existence. Additionally, RepCheck uses real time data from numerous sources and proprietary heuristics to determine how likely a call is to be a scam, robocall, or fraud.

analyticsIn-depth Reports

Get in-depth analytics that include spam reports, report volume, as well as local routing number and call volume.

RepCheck provides valuable information for both providers and users alike to help stop bad actors and clear the way for legitimate traffic.

Providers can use it to block, report, and monitor illegal robocalling, fraud or scams lurking about.

Users with needs to initiate large-scale notifications, or bulk communications to existing customers can use this technology to ensure they are not being negatively affected by false flag reports that damage there ability to deliver high value urgent mass communications to consenting recipients.

  • Reputation Level
  • Reputation Score
  • Reputation Class
  • Reputation Type
  • Local Routing Number
  • Carrier
  • Number Type
  • SPAM Reports
  • State
  • Country
  • Call Colume

Information at your fingertips

Reputation scores, reputation class, reputation type, and reporting volumes at a glance. Know your reputation immediately, and keep it simple with clean reports and easy to read graphs.


Local Routing Number (LRN)

See your phone number on ongoing campaigns.



View your carrier and call origination information.


State or origination

See where and how your calls are originating.

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